Tack 'n Peel

Tack 'n' peel is a durable two-sided flexible adhesive material for crafters. One side features a strong adhesive (yellow liner) and the other side's weaker adhesive (clear liner) allow stamps and "found" objects to be easily adhered and removed.
Durable adhesives allow the surfaces to be re-used over and over again. Material thickness is approximately 1/8-inch.
Easy to cut to size, Tack 'n' Peel can be used with any size of stamping block or stamping platform.
Create unique stamps by attaching paper clips, rubber bands or other material. Tack 'n' Peel can also be mounted to a brayer to roll inked images onto your projects.
The sheet measures 6-1/2 by 4 by 1/8-inch.

Single Sheet - $9.95

Three Sheets - $24.95

I've collected some YouTube videos that describe mounting stamps with Tack 'n' Peel. Please consider subscribing if you enjoy the videos!

Here's introduction to Tack 'n' Peel from Imagine Crafts Click here to watch the video.
And here's another great video from May May Products
Click here to watch the video.
And here's another video from 2 Things and a Rant
Click here to watch the video.
I immediately lost the clear cover sheet, so I made one with a trimmed piece of laminated cardstock. If you don't have a laminator, use several strips of packing tape to cover the cardstock.

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